Electric Fishing Reel
by Elec-Tra-Mate

Electric Fishing Reel<br> 940-XP<br>by Elec-Tra-Mate
Item# ETM-940XP
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Product Description

Electric Fishing Reel
When you need a big reel with large line capacity the 940-XP are the models to use. Designed for Penn's big Senator Reels, the 940-XP easily attach to the 9/0, 10/0, and 12/0 reels. The 940-XP is not for the faint of heart and feature powerful permanent magnet motors which deliver more power than ever available to land fish as deep as 2000 feet or more! Whether fishing for tuna, grouper, halibut, or other large fish, the 940-XP is the model to choose. Comes with toggle switch and case hardened gears for longer life in commercial applications.
The 940-XP is geared lower for more pulling power and has a retrieve speed of 333 fpm. when used with the Penn 12/0.
Elec-Tra-Mate pictured with optional reel
  • Weight: 940XP-100oz.
  • Retrieve Speed: For 940XP, w/115L 9/0 - 333fpm and w/116L 12/0 - 333fpm
  • No Load Amperage: For 940XP - 5 amps
  • Amps at Stall: For 940XP - 112.5 amps

    Model Wieght Reel Size Line Capacity In  Yards & Test M=Mono / D=Dacron Retrieve Speed Full Spool-No load
    920-XP 102 oz. 115 & 115L 9/0

    116A 10/0 116 &116L 12/0

    675/80M, 650/80D, 450/130D

    800/80M, 800/80D, 550/130D

    508 fpm

    524 fpm

    940-XP 100 oz. 115 & 115L 9/0

    116 &116L 12/0

    675/80M, 650/80D, 450/130D

    800/80M, 800/80D, 550/130D

    333 fpm

    333 fpm

  • Accessories

    Pro-Boom & Pro-Boom Jr.
    The Pro Boom and Pro Boom Jr. eliminate the need for a fishing rod and can be used for pulling commercial planers or as a downrigger and are excellent for both bottom fishing or trolling.
    The Pro Boom and Pro Boom Jr. utilize a fiberglass boom for better sensitivity in "feeling" fish as they strike. The Pro-Boom comes with a heavy-action fiberglass boom while the Pro-Boom Jr. comes with a medium-action fiberglass boom. A New design feature allows the boom to be detached with a quick release pin for ease in storing equipment between fishing trips. Both booms will accommodate Penn Reel sizes 6/0, 9/0, 10/0, 12/0, 14/0, and 16/0 and come standard with your choice of either a Deck Plate or Redi-Mount.
    Deck Plate: polished stainless steel, flush mounts in gunwale and is recommended for commercial applications where maximum strength is needed.
    Redi-Mount: polished stainless steel, used in a standard flush mount rod holder. The strength of the Redi-Mount is directly dependent upon the strength of the rod holder and is not recommended for commercial applications where great loads could be exerted on the rod holder.
    Both the Pro-Boom and Pro-Boom Jr. come with removable fiberglass boom, block, and choice of Redi-Mount or Deck Plate and mounting hardware.
    Elec-Tra-Mate pictured with optional reel
    Price: $699.99
    Sale price: $664.99
    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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