Speed-N-Temp Monitor

Speed-N-Temp Monitor
Speed-N-Temp Monitor
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Product Description

It's like having a spy in the murky depths. Now any downrigger can do more than just hold a weight at the end of a cable.

The new Speed-N-Temp™ Monitor from CannonŽ has its own monitor for use with any downrigger on the market. Simply attach this informative accessory to any manual or electric downrigger and unlock the mysterious secrets of dark and deep trolling waters. The sealed underwater transmitter attaches to the cable of any downrigger just above the weight. The sensors on the Speed-N-Temp Monitor register the absolute depth of the lure and the lurešs true speed as well as light intensity and water temperature at the lure's trolling location. These readings are then electronically transmitted up through the downrigger cable and digitally displayed on the Speed-N-Temp Monitor. Absolute depth of lure eliminates blow-back estimations and calculations that anglers normally must decipher. While the boat may be traveling at 2.5 mph, the lure may travel at different speeds depending on underwater currents.

With the Speed-N-Temp Monitor, true lure speed in tenths of mph can be adjusted by the angler providing optimum strike stimulation. A chartreuse and blue lure looks great in the sunlight but at a depth of 80 feet with filtered light the lure may look invisible to the fish. Speed-N-Temp Monitor measures light intensity and the appropriate lure color can be selected for the conditions at the trolling depth. Water temperature at the lurešs depth is provided, crucial for tracking temperature sensitive fish. Using a standard cable, the Speed-N-Temp Monitor operates up to a maximum depth of 100 feet. A coated cable increases operation depth up to 300 feet. Speed-N-Temp activates when the speed wheel enters the water and automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity. A replaceable 9-volt battery powers the transmitter for up to 200 hours of operation. Battery voltage is also digitally displayed on monitor screen.

The use of Cannonšs Speed-N-Temp Monitor will not interfere with downrigger features such as Short Stop, Positive Ion Control and Stacker Releases. The 7.2­ square inch screen, with 2,300 pixels per square inch, provides an easy-to-read display of the transmitted information. Overall, the saltwater protected monitor measures 5 inches by 5.3 inches by 2.5 inches and can be easily mounted at any location on the boat. For the look of factory rigging, use the optional installation bracket and mount the monitor in the dash of the console.

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